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College Costs

Sure, everyone knows that health insurance has not been good for a while, but why would healthcare be a threat to your retirement? First off, if you are not properly covered for any health expenditures during your working years or in retirement, then you likely will have to pull money from emergency funds or savings to pay for expenses. This will ultimately delay your retirement savings. However, more specifically, while in retirement, the costs of care for an average senior couple, age 65 is over $250,000! Think about that for a second...$250,000 cost...while in retirement...when your income is supposedly FIXED! How are most people going to pay for that???!!!

If this is a concern for you, fortunately with a little bit of planning there is a solution!

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Ever hear the cost to raise a child to age 18? The amount is daunting. Whoever did that statistic, forgot about the biggest expense that parents will face: College Education Costs! 

So, while many people plan early for their children's education, through savings plans, only to find out that it's not enough to cover one year of school. 

So, why is this a threat to your retirement? Because most people will dig into their 401K plans or IRAs and then pay taxes on those investments...all to be able to afford one of the biggest expenses a family will ever face.  

What's the matter? You can't decide whether you should get into the market or get out of the market? We know...you are either making the best decision of your life or the worst! How will you know? 

Yet, most decisions are the "lack of decision--which is NO Decision!" Maybe you grew up with your parents or the media telling you that you should have this investment or you should start early or don't put money into that...the list goes on and on. What can you do? Don't go on emotion! 

Lack of Decisions